Research team

The research team of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) consists of researchers from the following research laboratories covering specific areas of artificial intelligence:

  • Laboratory for Financial and Risk Analysis (LAFRA), Leader: Prof. Zvonko Kostanjčar
  • Text Analysis and Knowledge Engineering Lab (TakeLab), Leader: Prof. Bojana Dalbelo Bašić
  • Laboratory for autonomous systems and mobile robotics (LAMOR), Leader: Prof. Ivan Petrović
  • Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (LBCB), Leader: Prof. Mile Šikić
  • Social Networking and Computing Laboratory (socialLAB), Leader: Prof. Vedran Podobnik
  • Laboratory for Special Purpose Information Systems (LaSPIS), Leader: Prof. Krešimir Fertalj
  • Information Security and Privacy Lab (LISP), Leader: Prof. Stjepan Groš
  • Internet of Things Laboratory (IoTLab), Leader: Prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko
  • Multimedia Quality of Experience Research Laboratory (MUEXLab), Prof. Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • Advanced Shape Reconstruction and Registration Laboratory (SHARK Lab), Leader: Prof. Tomislav Pribanić
  • Image Processing Laboratory (IPL), Leader: Prof. Sven Lončarić
  • Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LAPOST), Leader: Prof. Nikola Mišković
  • Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Security Systems (RUBIOSS), Leader: Prof. Slobodan Ribarić
  • Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems (LARICS), Leader: Prof. Zdenko Kovačić
  • Human-Oriented Technologies Laboratory (HOTLab), Leader: Prof. Igor S. Pandžić
  • Laboratory for application of information technologies in education (eduLab), Leader: Prof. Ivica Botički
  • Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems (LARES), Leader: Prof. Mario Vašak
  • Data Streams Laboratory (StreamsLab), Leader: Prof. Krešimir Pripužić
  • Laboratory for Assistive Technologies and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (ICT-AAC), Leader: Prof. Željka Car

For information about research laboratories please visit the web pages of the CAI research groups.